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Originally Posted by semperfigirl02 View Post
Hello everyone,

New to this FitDay website but looks interesting. I am determined to lose 22 pounds by the end of the summer and decided to log in what I eat and my activity levels so I can actually see what I am doing wrong or right. I have always been active (retired military) and starting gaining weight when I retired. I exercise 3 times and week and possibly may go up to 4. Not sure yet. I am not a candy, cookie or icecream person but I do love potato chips and that is what got me into this body... that and wine. I am limiting my wine intake to two glasses a week and have stopped eating the chips.... Boy was that hard. Any advice I can get from other members would be so greatly appreciated.
The only advice right now is to stick it out. Logging food for the first time can be a real wake up call.
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