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Hope - love your thread title! So many of us struggled last week -- it's perfect. I feel motivated just reading the title. I like reading other people's goals and food plans - it's interesting and sometimes it gives me ideas. Re your learning 3 Spanish words -- I had been learning Tagalog (one of my daughters in law is Filipino) - listening to CDs in the car. But then I stopped having to make a 45-min weekly drive, so mostly stopped. I'm not ready to add it to my weekly goals yet, but I'm now thinking about it.

Welcome, cnorulak! Good goals.

Jenn - hooray for your good start on the day. Keep in going.

Cassie - I liked how you said you treat a plateau like a child having a tantrum - you just don't give in and it strengthens your resolve. I'm taking that to heart and am going to bust that plateau this week.

Welcome, Episode.

Robin - new day today, forget last night's extra snacks. Is your back feeling any better?

Wishing everyone a successful week!

My goals:

1. Calories under 1200 (I've lowered it this week)
2. An hour extra movement a day
3. No sugar, white flour
4. Small bites and put fork down between bites.
Age 61, Height 5'9"
March 2010 145 lbs, Jan 2013 173 lbs
1st Goal 145 lbs 5/25
New goal 140

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