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Default NOT Calculating Vitamin A correctly

I sent an email to alert staff that the online, free, version of FitDay was NOT calculating Vitamin A correctly and I didn't receive even a "thank you" let alone an explanation.

I use Atkin's Protein "shakes" to assist in my weight control. On the back of each container, it shows that it supplies 25% of Vitamin A per container. So, I input the dietary info from the label into FitDay as required for proper calculation.

Thus, when starting a new day.... Vitamin A should read 0 before consuming any food.

After drinking an Atkins Shake, the Vitamin A on FitDay should read 25%. But it doesn't.

In fact, after consuming three during the day, Vitamin A should read a minimum of 75%. It does not.

Then, I also add into my diet a multi vitamin of a name brand. That should push the calculation over 100% at a minimum. FitDay online does not respond & calculate correctly.

As an experiment, I simply input 10 carrots to see if it would recognize that food. FitDay then calculated over 100% of Vitamin A.

Bottom Line: FitDay staff needs to respond to customers, first and foremost. (As I explained to them, I did own a purchased, stand alone PC version previously).

Secondly, they need to correct the failure of their program to properly account for Vitamin A inputs of foodstuffs.

Thirdly, this miscalculation makes me question the accuracy of other minerals and vitamins being tabulated.

In the end, its not a critical issue. But it IS an issue.

Nothing bugs me more than someone who is too lazy to do their jobs properly once they have been notified.
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