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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
As I was making squash soup for lunch today it made me think about a conversation I had last night with a couple of women. They both live pay check to pay check and were complaining how it costs more money to eat healthy.
I help my Mom grocery shop. I don't know whether that is true or not because I've never costed it out. Has anyone else had to respond to someone who says that.
I'd say, 'Well it sure is a lot cheaper than being sick.' Of course many people don't associate conditions like obesity, and crappy eating with disease.

When costing it out, I think it would depend on what is meant by 'eat healthy.' A couple of apples are less than a bag of chips, but you get a lot more chips. A cereal full of sugar is generally cheaper than one with only a few grams. A McBurger is cheaper than a hunk of good chuck, but maybe not by the pound. And they'd have to cook the chuck. And some people would consider eating even grass raised chuck to be unhealthy.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Ok and here is my rant
These same people go to their local coffee shop and get a coffee everyday. Never realizing that that $10 could pay for a couple of packages of meat or a bag or fruit (a few apples and oranges etc).

Yeah, I know. And they know it too, but don't want to admit it, even to themselves.

- Donna
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