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1. Keep calories below 1300. 1200 is better, but often backfires in the evening. 1183, 1185, 1199, 1174, 1352 whoopsie
2. Make the time to get some exercise. Being busy is NOT an excuse. 6 days of workouts this week. Yes Only one so far...Nope...time will not make itself; get it together!
3. Take vitamins and supplements. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Stay on top of work; falling behind makes it hard to catch up. I'll give myself a B, Pretty good today, Meh, Fair, Fair...did administrative stuff mostly
5. Sleep. Enough. Not last night, no, Pretty good, Nope, Fair/Good, Fair

Great to see everyone on the weekend . Hope you all are enjoying it.

Donna, I think flexibility is key. Some weeks you just have to adjust. Good for you for not going way overboard.

Robin, hope you have time to enjoy most of the weekend. Being self-employed has its pros and cons, doesn't it? But I wouldn't trade it. Congrats on your are ahead of the game this week!

Jenn, you will be able to be back on track very soon. Remember, showing up is half the battle .

Hope, so good to see you. I think I must have missed something; what had you feeling so bad this week, another flare?

Carolynnq, I agree, plateaus do suck. I look at them as a stubborn child, just trying to get you to give in first. I wouldn't do it with my child, and I won't do it with a stupid plateau, so I just keep plugging on and eventually it caves. In a perfect world, that is! I hope yours ends soon.

Sissy, captainelle, welcome; good to have you here!

Ann, I'm so glad you feel good in your two-piece! Confidence is more than half the battle. Enjoy it!

Mike, I love the cause the restaurant is supporting. I've been doing juvenile court work since 1997 and the kids are getting younger and younger. Prevention is definitely a huge factor. It is hardest to watch them not be able to get it together enough by 17 that they make the transition from the juvenile system to the adult one, which is a whole different world . Good work.

Sorry if I missed anyone! Tori, Mern, would love to see you soon! Hope you are doing well.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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