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Hi Cassie - I have some work stuff to catch up this weekend as well although I am splitting it up over my 4 days off. Good to hear that the food went well this week and that you are feeling the effects.

Today I am going for a massage because I have a hip/lower back thing that has been bothering me for a while. I loved the fact that I could book this on-line

I have been walking daily (2x yesterday) as the weather has been beautiful, it is very motivating. 10.2k in so far this week. For me it truly comes down to making time for myself.

Today I am going to buy some Easter treats for the kids. One doesn't eat chocolate so I am going to make him some fudge. Another really does not like candy much so I won't buy him too much otherwise it will hang around and tempt me. My husband is now down 23 lbs in 5 weeks. He's getting around a bit now, so I have less control over his food but he is really liking the weight loss. He's actually doing weights for his upper body and he went driving his 4 wheeler yesterday although he forgot to take his crutches so would have had a problem if he got stuck.

Welcome back Carolynnq I wondered where you were. Stick to it you'll break the plateau.

What a great idea on the restaurant Mike, I am sure you will have a very rewarding day.

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