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Hi. I saw a show from England on YouTube called 'Secret Eaters.' They put cameras in the participants houses, people who believed they ate healthily, but couldn't figure out why they couldn't lose or were putting on weight. The participants knew about those cameras, but didn't know that the show followed them around with private detectives! They tracked everything the participants ate, much of which turned out to be a surprise to them because they forgot about it....
I just saw an episode of this. Amazing what the people ate even at home, knowing cameras were there. I liked the show - there were a lot of good tips in there.

In the episode I watched, besides following the one couple, they did an experiment. They invited a bunch of people to a comedy show and served them unlimited chicken wings. For half the audience, plates were cleared away frequently and clean plates were provided. The other half didn't get any new plates. The group that got clean plates ate 70% more wings because there were no visual cues as to how much they had eaten. Some of the people in the bones on the plate group said that seeing how much they had eaten stopped them from eating more.
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