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Sissy - plateau's stink. I'm stuck on one now. I think that's partially what's gotten me off track this week. Not seeing the results I wanted made me less motivated. I know that's really counterproductive, so I need to get re-focused.

Ann - congrats on passing the 2-piece bathing suit test! - and your trips to Florida sound fun.

Mike - That's good of you to support that restaurant. On cooking shows like "Chopped" and "Chef Wanted," quite a few chefs say that working in a kitchen saved their lives - learning discipline, being mentored, etc.

My worst week goal-wise. I'm going to be back on track tomorrow.


1. Under 1400 calories Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
2. No sugar, white flour Y, N (had a small piece of cherry pie - it wasn't that enjoyable), N, Y, y
3. Extra hour of movement a day Y, Y, N, N, y

4. Eating smaller bites and putting fork down between bites - mostly no - I often forget to do this.
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