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I would hope you would have adjusted by now, but maybe you just need more time. I recently did the same thing. I had been exercising but not losing weight, infact I had been gaining. This had been going on for about 3 years. It was a slow gain. I finally got to a weight I was very unhappy with and decided I needed to tweak my diet. I started tracking everything I ate, and changed my portion sizes. It was very hard for a while. I figured out I was eating way too much chocolate (I always had an excuse for it). For a while I was fighting the hunger, but then it changed. I still have my days when my appetite is insatiable. Usually it is right before my period, or during, but sometime it is random. I do cardio 5-6 times a week and weight lifting 4 times a week. When i burn lots of calories, I tend to be hungrier. I guess my body knows what it needs. On days like that I try and tell myself I need the fuel, but make it good fuel. I have been tracking my calories since the February, and has added weight training to my exercise routine in January. Since February I have lost about 8 pound. I attribute it to both the muscle building and staying under my calories. Your meal plan seems fine to me. I have not cut way back on the carbs, just the sugar. I eat a lot of fruit when my sweet tooth gets the better of me. I rarely have chocolate anymore. Hey, all things in moderation right?

How is your progress so far? Are you seeing changes in either measurements or on the scale? Is your mood in anyway affecting your hunger? Do you eat good fats like Avocado, or low salt peanutbutter?
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