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Morning exercise may be ideal, but evening exercise sure beats no exercise. As long as you aren't too wired for sleep, I wouldn't worry about that. You don't have to go organic, but you should ALWAYS read the label! Frozen veg is much better than canned. If you must use canned (like tomatoes) look for low sodium. Look for lean meats, not a lot of white on it. Whole chicken breasts are cheaper than boneless skinless, and it's not difficult to take the skin off yourself. Eggs can be an inexpensive protein source, especially if you don't use all the yolks. 1 whole egg and 2 whites makes a nice size portion of scrambled eggs, add in some veggies and that's really filling. My receptionist at work has chickens and right now they're laying overtime, so I've got 2 dozen free range eggs that didn't cost me anything Water packed tuna is easy and healthy, as long as you aren't eating a lot of canned products. Salt adds up quickly. Healthy eating gets easier and cheaper this time of year.
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