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welcome to the group! bluestar - i like the idea of doing weekly weigh-ins. i'd prefer to do weigh-ins on Sunday, only because Sunday's the start of the week. plus, it's a mental thing - it's a way to make sure i don't overeat Saturday night because i know i have to weigh myself on Sunday. ;-)

here are my goals: my starting weight was 174 (last week); i'm now at 172. i'd like to get down to 155 by June 26 - two months. I'm currently a size 12, I'd like to be a size 8.

my reason: come Sept 1 (after my 30th bday) - my husband and I are going to start trying to have a baby. And i'd MUCH rather have my pre-baby weight be my goal weight of 155, rather than my current weight of 172. this way, when I do gain the pregnancy weight, i'll just be getting back to my current weight. i'm just super scared of ballooning during pregnancy. about 8 years ago i tipped the scales at the 200 mark and it freaked me out - and i'm terrified if I go back up to that weight, I'll be stuck there.
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