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Hi Whitney - Hang in there!! I've noticed that I seem to lose weight in "chunks". For days, nothing will happen, and then overnight several pounds will drop off. I weigh every day, so I know my normal fluctuations by now!

Also, starting a new exercise regimen can definitely cause a temporary weight gain because of extra fluid that accumulates in the muscles during the healing process after working out. I do a lot of strength training and have muscle definition like never before - now I just need to shrink-wrap the fat off these muscles! Like you, I've also experienced the frustration of doing everything right, but at this point it will show up on the scale for you sooner rather than later, I think.

Be careful not to be so aggressive with your new way of eating and working out that you burn out. I've definitely gone through that too!

You're doing great, and you WILL see the results!
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