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Yes, slow cookers are great. Just throw some meat and vegetables in there with a little liquid in the morning and come to a yummy meal.

Some other ideas:

Buy a whole roasted chicken at your supermarket. Around here, they're $5-$7 for a chicken. That's at least 5 meals worth of meat (1/2 breast x 2, leg/thigh x 2, wings and back) depending on the size of the chicken and weather you eat the chicken meat alone as a protein or in pasta or a salad.

When my son was in college, he used a sandwich maker a lot (they're normally $15-20, but go on sale for $10). Two slices of whole wheat bread, a slice of cheese, some meat, and some spinach leaves or sliced peppers and you've got a hearty sandwich.

Pasta's not terrible. Buy whole wheat pasta. Keep some frozen veggies in your freezer to add to the pasta with some meat.
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