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Good morning everyone.
>Water - it is hard to get enough in isn't it? Yesterday, 5 cups for me.
I did find though that when using a 12 oz cup and putting fresh squeezed lemon juice with a few drops of Stevia, it helped to drink more - back to that for me while at work!
>Had to laugh about no donut - on work days I tend to stop at Tim's for coffee on the way in and usually get 2 apple fritter timbits to go with it - that's 100 calories right there. It's a hard habit to stop - may wean to just 1 and have tiny little bites to make it last LOL.
>Cassie, I too struggle with sleep and try not to depend on pills - it's tough!! I'm trying those tart dry cherries as a snack before bed, something in them that helps?
>My scale is being good to me - 194.8 this morning!! I haven't been that low for 3 yrs! Hoping it keeps on going!! Keeping calories 1200 - 1300 but need to walk yet...
>Welcome to all the new people I see in here - this is a great bunch for encouragement
1.19.13 = 212
6.02.13 = 192.2
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