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I go through the rather tedious process of entering ingredients in and then use their copious data to make up my nutritional profile for the dish. In nutritiondata, you enter all the ingredients and then, from that point, you can call up the data for the entire recipe, 1/4 of the recipe, 100 grams of the recipe, or 1 oz of the recipe. It requires you to use the foods in their database of foods, which is vast, or custom foods you enter yourself. If you use their foods (boiled brussels sprouts, plain, with salt, for example), you get more information about that food than you know what to do with. Amino acids, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids.... brussels sprouts has twice the omega-3's as omega-6's!

A lot of work. What I end up doing in fitday is just putting the ingredients in for the amount that I would eat of a certain recipe and saving it as a custom food. Then, it's easy to specify 2 servings when I eat double that amount.
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