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-beans and lentils are really cheap and a great source of protein/fiber
-search the web for coupons. note that lots of coupons are for processed foods, but you can find coupons for tea, oatmeal...stuff like that
-buy meat thats on sale--often at the grocery store they will have the meat that goes bad in a day or two on sale. if it looks alright i always get it. if you don't want to eat it that night just put it right in the freezer.
-buy store brand
-buy cheap veggies--carrots, celery, potatoes (sweet and reg), onions..these are always cheap at the stores i go to.
-in general when shopping make sure you look at unit pricing, and not just the cost of the individual item you are buying.
-if you know someone else that wants to do this with you, you can buy a food share from a food co-op. They have healthy options, but not always cheapest.
-lastly, stew meat, or tough cuts of meat, are always cheapest. just simmer them for a while and they aren't tough!
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