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Hi there,

Eating healthy doesn't mean buying the most expensive product, it means taking care to monitor what you put into your body.

A quick word on your exercise question, no it doesn't matter, many people like to work out in the morning before they eat to burn more calories, and then follow up with a high protein / fibre breakfast to get their muscles regenerating at a good rate while filling up the belly to keep away hunger. But the fact you are working out is a good thing. Make sure your program you are using is effective and just keep at it, do not stop!

Now on to your eating healthy. BY IN SEASON, I cannot stress this to you, do not buy strawberries in decemeber, do not buy blackberries in fall, check this website out Fruit and Vegetable Season Chart

It tells you when what is in season and BUY LOCALLY, go to farmers markets and get cheaper veg that is MUCH higher quality than the supermarket brands.

Depending on where you live, plant yourself a garden, it is easy to do, easy to maintain and you really will benefit from it in the long run, use a local free-cycle to get yourself some seeds and plant. Free organic food is cheap food.

As for every day meals, check out your local stores and see what is on sale and what isn't, learn to make your own bread (not only does it taste 10x better than store bought, it has 10000x less sodium) buy cheaper cuts of meat, or my personal favourite (though I'm sure this may not apply to you) ring a local farm and buy a share of meat from them, they will save hundreds and get organic meat that will taste so heavenly.. however until you can do that buy cheap cuts and tenderize them (bash them with a rolling pin through a bag/plastic wrap) soak them in a marinade for at least 24 hours and make sure to stock up on lots of fruit (apples are great hunger killers!)

It would take me a while to list of enough recipes to give you a weekly meal plan (yes I love cooking!) there is a whole library out there on the web that can give you recipe ideas for eating cheaply.

Just remember, diet =/= not eating. Eat small meals every 3 hours a day to keep your body burning calories. Do not exercise EVERY DAY, your body needs rest, 3-4 times a week is more than enough.

use fitday to track what you eat too.

PS:- buying whole wheat pasta is a very cheap and healthy way to eat! 9 grain pasta with a tomato and basil sauce and home made garlic bread. delish.
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