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Mike, you're doing great. 7 lbs. per week is a pretty lofty goal. The first week with the water weight I can see, but don't get too down if you don't hit still totally rocked it back onto the track!

Robin, good for you! I held off last night, too...but apparently will have to do a buttload of walking this weekend.

Carolyn, in honor of your advice, I smacked two more cookies with a crab hammer so they broke, then ate them .

Jenn, love your description of your brother. I'm sure in practice it isn't pretty, but the description itself was so well-said, I couldn't help but feel for you.

Darlene, you had a fantastic idea. I may start doing that with my young and restless clients when the weather gets a bit better (rainy and raw here right now). Brilliant, you are!

Ama, looks like you've had a pretty good week, girl. High five!

Well, interesting development as of tonight, work-related. It is kind of a shocker; there will be much reorganization and chaos in the coming months. I'm not worried about not having work but about having too much, and as we all know my ability to say no and set appropriate boundaries with my workload has not been my strong suit lately (though it has in the past so I know I can do it). Robin, can I interest you in a relocation, lol?

All in all, so far, so good. I hit about 950 cals yesterday and 1300 today, so...reasonable. Though the days got away from me without exercising, so that is my first priority tomorrow and Sunday. MUST get that habit back on track as well!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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