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Well got another short walk in today, 1k again. It's adding up slowly up to 3.75 for the week.

Didn't binge last night despite the low cals for the day. Had some cashews, got up to about 900 cals, did yoga and went to bed. That was fine.

Mike I seriously don't think you are doing anything wrong and I don't even think your weight loss has stalled. I just don't believe that you can expect to see a loss every day. Isn't a plateau defined as 14 days or something? I know you lost a bunch of weight before but it must have happened the same way, a bunch the first week and then slowing way down? I would just hate to see you discouraged over some phenomenon which must be normal/expected....

Jenn, good luck with the family expectations over the food. I still have a bunch or treats in the freezer that were given to me at Christmas time.....seems that some people try to sabotage whether knowingly or not. Hold steady!

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