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Jezzie - Good for you for toughing it out and trying to get back into a normal routine. I am sorry to hear you are in pain, and hope you find some relief soon. I have read that moving into a diet focused on anti-inflammatory foods works great for some people with pain. I keep a list of the top anti- inflammatory foods in my purse and pull it out at the grocery so I remember to stock-up. Something to check into if you like.

Mike - Are you on an apple diet? Whatever you are doing is working wonders! Vitamins schitamins, I am very bad at remembering for sure.

Carolyn - Batting cages! Sounds like so much fun! No BBQ originated because I over did it last week on BBQ. Not just the meat, but the corn bread, butter/honey, coleslaw, fries, sauce… and beer. I am in BBQ detox at the moment. I miss it!

Jenn - Cupcakes without icing? You are the queen of restraint!

Tori - Caffeine helps my headaches also, but in coffee form! Unfortunately I had a cup of coffee in the afternoon yesterday and was in a weird paranoid state of mind the entire evening. I like the tea suggestion though - I rarely get loopy with tea! Casseroles sound yummy! Thanks for the din din idea!

Debbie - Welcome!!! Nice goals! I would have trouble with #4 though… sigh… Best wishes for a successful rest of your week!

Donna - Sinus issues - ouch! Glad you are on the mend!

Cassie - Hell week is almost over! YAY! Chocolate chunk hazelnut cookies… I am going to find my recipe book now… next week I may be in cookie detox!

See y'all!
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