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Originally Posted by chi.kitty View Post
Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone is still here who would remember me from 2011, but my username used to be 'Misery16226'. I was 19 at that time.
OMG How could we ever forget about you?!?!?! The last time I posted on this thread was May 9, 2011, looking for you!

Originally Posted by chi.kitty View Post
The group of people that were here were very supportive of me and inspired me a lot, but I was struggling with a lot of things and it was hard(impossible) for me to even take care of my basic needs. I only managed to lose 12lb before I pretty much dropped out of society altogether and went back to not caring about my weight, my health or about improvement at all. I wasn't ready.
I think you've inspired more of us than you know!

Originally Posted by chi.kitty View Post
I'm back and I'm 21 now, I gained that 12lbs back with a little interest over the past 3 years, but I'm stronger now, and I'm more ready to take on life in general. I've been seeing a psychiatrist and a Independent Living Worker (she basically helps me pursue my goals, keeps me in touch with resources etc. She's been a great help for me!) My financial situation is better and I've gotten most aspects of my life under control.
Good for you! I'm so glad, I was worried about you.

Originally Posted by chi.kitty View Post
I've changed my account(name) for a few reasons. Mainly i didn't like my username 'Misery' and I didn't like myself at that time either. So I have named my account after something I love instead, a cute funny cat from the anime Chi's Sweet Home.

I look forward to being a part of this community again.
I like the new name and I'm glad you are feeling like a new you!
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