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Welcome, Debbie! I hear you about staying off the scale. I weigh myself once a week. Even then it can be discouraging to see that I've only lost a pound. But clothes are looser and I'm losing inches. Good goals - concentrating on goals like that rather than weight loss will hopefully lead to good lifetime habits.

Jenn- good for you for having the cupcake without the icing. Small choices like that lead to success.

Tori - glad your headache's gone. Do you think it was a caffeine withdrawal headache?

Mike - don't get discouraged that your losses have slowed down. You're still doing good.

Donna - Recovered from sinus 'issues,' but not very hungry. Glad you're feeling better - loss of appetite is a bonus!

Cassie - Get some sleep tonight!

Robin - I so admire your dedication to walking.

Amalthea - Good goals (though I'm curious about your "No BBQ" goal). Keep up the good work.


1. 1200-1500 calories Y, Y, Y
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