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Thanks for the warm welcome back. Still haven't had a chance to catch up with y'all. When I got home I just wanted to take a nap. Which was a no go because I couldn't fall asleep. I decided on a movie, but got bored with that. So I did a couple of loads of laundry then cooked supper for tonight and tomorrow. WHN cooked Monday and Tuesday, so I figured I'd cook a little something for tonight (which he'll eat when he gets home) and then did a casserole for tomorrow. All he'll have to so is heat it up. There's plenty for him to eat for lunch, and fix a plate to take to work tomorrow. Onto my goals.....

1-no calorie limit, just stick with portions--doing well, just don't need to get the Boredom Munchies, doing good so far
2-one dew per day--so far so good, nope but my headache is gone
3-add more water--yep, ehhhh
4-walk 2 times, minimum of 1.5 miles each--none today....should have decent weather tomorrow to get some miles done, still too busy then noticed it was dark

Starting Tuesday

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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