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Today, I tried twice to log my food. The first time I pressed the key to log, I got a series of error messages saying it was unable to retrieve data.

I went back to that page to get information for my response to you and tried logging food again and it worked.

So the problem is intermittent. I seem to only have success during the day and was wondering if something happens to the site late at night.

I'm running Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m, but tried Firefox 19.0.2 and hat the same problem. I've turned off everything I can find that I feel safe turning off with the exception of a cursor enhancement.

Sometimes when the home screen shows up, there's a video attempting to run. On one occasion I checked it and it need the plugin RealPlayer installed. I went through the installation process, but when a video tries to run, it continues to say that RealPlayer isn't available. Nevertheless, even when there is no video appearing, I sometimes get those error messages that data cannot be retrieved.

I'm sorry, but my expertise is limited and I don't know how to send a screenshot. I will be able to get my tech-savy son to help me as needed, but he's got no suggestions at this point

Thanks for your prompt response.
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