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Hi all! I'm new here! I'm a vegetarian, will be a vegan soon probably. I don't do the ETL diet (my parents think I'm too young for it, since I'm 17). My mom read about the diet, and she and my dad did it for a few weeks last year. My dad's a bit overweight, and he drinks a lot of coffee/diet coke, so he had a hard time with it, especially since he loves meat. He suffered a lot of withdrawals for the first week. But he lost weight from this, and his going to the gym most days. My mom doesn't often work out, but she goes for walks. She had some withdrawals as well, and drinks a lot of coffee. But she also lost weight. They stopped the diet when they got bored, but my mom is now a vegetarian, and my dad's just starting the diet again now (he gained the weight back) and working out.

My grandma is a diabetic, and she lives about an hour and fifteen minutes away from me. She wanted to lose weight last year before the family reunion in summer, and she wasn't able to go to the gym often. I told her about the diet. I was surprised when she said she was going to do it (she was reluctant before). She did use some kind of spritzer for salads (not supposed to), but she stuck very well to the diet otherwise, and she already uses Almond Breeze instead of milk. However, for some holidays, she did go off the diet (birthdays, Easter, etc). But after that, she always went back on. She stopped the diet in August, but eats much healthier now. She is thinking about going back on the diet after Easter because she lost so much weight. She wants her boyfriend to do the diet as well, because he has kidney problems and doesn't eat healthily (too much meat and dairy and fat, not enough veggies), and he doesn't go the the gym often (he does walk though). My grandma goes to the gym every other day, she's kind of a health nut, lol. But I was amazed to learn that her usual diabetic symptoms decreased after the withdrawals were done! She also had to use milk of magnesia prior to her diet because of her constipation issues, but when she was on the diet, she stopped using milk of magnesia and could "go normally". She loved the diet and loves eating fruits/veggies, since she has her own garden anyways. I think I'll try it soon.
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