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No loss today!! 187.0. I had a huge calorie deficit because I went to the gym and pumped iron like the beast that I am for 55 minutes! Haha

I am a little frustrated with my stall in loss. To drop 7 this week, I can't afford to have and plateaus. I would say that I only need to lose 3.6 this week because I lost 10.4 last week... BUT THAT'S NOT HOW I ROLL. 7 pounds this week. I can not, I will not fail! The extra 3.4 from last week is what we call lagniappe daw'lin.

No court today, I'm done. So I took Mytsie to the vet this morning. My little 8.6 pound angel beasted it at the vet. She was poked and prodded from every angle and she never once barked or whined. She knew I was by her side and ready to kick some ass (Hope, the would be "fill em full of lead") if they hurt my girl.

Well I guess I need to head to the office and try to do some work.
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