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Default I'm back after 3 years.

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone is still here who would remember me from 2011, but my username used to be 'Misery16226'. I was 19 at that time. The group of people that were here were very supportive of me and inspired me a lot, but I was struggling with a lot of things and it was hard(impossible) for me to even take care of my basic needs. I only managed to lose 12lb before I pretty much dropped out of society altogether and went back to not caring about my weight, my health or about improvement at all. I wasn't ready.

I'm back and I'm 21 now, I gained that 12lbs back with a little interest over the past 3 years, but I'm stronger now, and I'm more ready to take on life in general. I've been seeing a psychiatrist and a Independent Living Worker (she basically helps me pursue my goals, keeps me in touch with resources etc. She's been a great help for me!) My financial situation is better and I've gotten most aspects of my life under control.

I've changed my account(name) for a few reasons. Mainly i didn't like my username 'Misery' and I didn't like myself at that time either. So I have named my account after something I love instead, a cute funny cat from the anime Chi's Sweet Home.

I look forward to being a part of this community again.

Starting weight: 262 lbs. 03/17/13
Current weight: 250.5lbs 04/17/13
Total weight lost so far: 11.5 lb
Goal #1: 199 By Jan 1st 2014
Goal weight: 150 lbs
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