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Hope Glad to hear you feel better! When do you leave for Florida?

Mike Nice weight loss, I still donít think I could just eat 6 apples for a day but hey I may try it next time I feel stuck.

Donna Your garden sounds great! I do not have a green thumb but my hubby has been trying for last couple years we are planter gardening basically, he did herbs, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, green onions and green beans last year. I bought a dehydrator and we dried all the left over herbs and that was great fun and they made good gifts I may try some kale chips in it I found a recipe after listening to you guys talk about your attempts at them. Orchids are beautiful, you will have to post some pics once they are blooming. Bolting? the deer eat my garden does bolting mean something is eating yours also!

Robin Good job with sticking to the walks itís got to be challenging in the snow I would be hard pressed to walk every day in the snow. Good for you for adding yoga to your days I was thinking of trying to get back to the gym and use the membership I am paying for and havenít used for 5 months.

Tori Sorry to hear you are struggling, I hope your headache passes soon.

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