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Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
I’m back. I was doing really really good for a few weeks, and actually hit the low of all my maintenance weight lows! But THEN… I got too comfortable and lately I have not been: exercising; drinking enough water; watching portion sizes; or monitoring processed foods. My clothes are getting really tight and I feel slugggggish… Granted the corned beef and cabbage probably added 3lbs of water weight from yesterday, but… NO EXCUSES!

So goals for the week are:

8 glasses water/day (tea counts):
Limit sweets:
Exercise 3x this week (home or gym):
Limit processed foods:
Dump the brownies (in the garbage!):
Do not go to the St Patties day feast at work Monday… errr:
Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
No BBQ?! The Horror!

- Donna
Originally Posted by amalthea1892 View Post
Yes BBQ is one of the 7 deadly sins! DH and I got the family platter from Famous Daves last week (extreme indulgence)! Then 2 days later I was at a work meeting and they served Famous Daves!!! Irresistable! And it had sweet and sassy sauce on the side... therefore my goal this week to run like hell from anything resembling BBQ... at least for a little while .
Originally Posted by canary52 View Post

Mike (is this Mike or GF?) what is dew? It's not Mountain Dew, is it? And you know you were talking `bout barbeque. As for last night, whoooops! Then again, I sent a couple ot texts to you with the wrong number.
I wasn't in the BBQ conversation. That's okay, we won't send you to the nut hut just yet. Yep, that's Mt. Dew. I laughed when I heard about the texts.
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