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Originally Posted by LRoh View Post
I'm new to Atkins (low carb) Been doing it for 2 weeks now and have lost about 8 pounds. Could you explain to me the difference between the "original" Atkins and the "new" Atkins?
The 'original' 1972 Atkins Diet Revolution did not allow any vegetables (except onions) or dairy in the induction phase.
KetoStix & multivitamins was/were required. (a supply of breath-mints didn't hurt)

You start @ zero gram of carbs/day, unlimited eggs, meat, fats, & butter. Snacking was pork rinds & nitrate free jerky.
After the first week, you move up 5 grams of carbs /day each week, allowed snacking was cashews, walnuts plus the pork rinds/jerky.
Keep adding carbs (cooked leafy greens) 5 grams/day each wk until you drop out of ketosis, then dial it back into weight loss territory. That was the conclusion of 'induction'.

Once you'd re-established yourself back in ketosis and losing weight, you could add salads (oil & vinegar only) and then cheese, as long as you kept losing weight. This was 'On-going weight loss'.

Sometime around 1992, Dr. Atkins discovered many of his patients were 'cheating', yet still losing weight at the same rate as 'non-cheaters'. These dieters admitted that they had steamed broccoli, spinach, avocados, cheese, sour cream, etc. ...
So the doctor revamped the induction phase to allow these foods, and raised the initial carb limit to 20 gram/day to accommodate 'em.
Since starting @ 0g/day was silly and generally turned people off from the git-go; -- and since just about everybody would hit ketosis within a couple of days anyhow, might as well get rid of 0gm/day initial week and start off at a more acceptable 20g/day.

By 2002, after Dr. Atkins had the basics tweaked & refined enough to appeal to the general public, he released his Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, 2002 version.
This book broke the diet into 4 phases: Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss, Pre- Maintenance, and Lifetime Maintenance.
KetoStix became optional. Carb counting changed by allowing you to deduct dietary fiber from veggies, if you wished.
It also marked the introduction of Atkins Nutritionals, a line of Atkins approved commercial crap such as Advantage Bars, Advantage Shakes, Advantage Meals, Advantage This, Advantage That, blah, blah, bleah.

Since then, the main changes to the diet are the nod to PC tom-foolery such as 'watch your saturated fats', and eat more fish instead of beef, or pork, or whatever 'death-on-a-plate' meat is bothering the Center for Science in the Public Interest at the moment ...


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