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I also tend to binge more in the evenings if I let myself. Like others said, keeping my body from getting too hungry by eating enough during the day really helps, but I also avoid buying the foods at the store that I know are weaknesses. I refuse to buy chips of any kind (even the healthier versions), because I know I have no willpower. I will consume the entire bag if it's sitting in front of me. I still get my occasional splurge at a party or if I buy a small bag on the go... just to get my fix. I also make myself herbal tea after dinner and sip on that to keep from snacking. Some teas (like an apple cinnamon one that I buy), taste like a total treat, but aren't sweetened and have little to no calories. Keeping hydrated cuts back on the hunger, and it gives me something to mindlessly drink while watching TV, reading, etc. If I do have crazy cravings and feel like a splurge, I only put a serving size on my plate and the rest goes away. Good luck... hope that is helpful!
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