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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Mike have you shaved off the Duck Dynasty beard? Are you looking more like Willy or Jase?

I love the Ricky Bobby photo- it was a great movie. Nascar is a regular Sunday visitor to my house.
I'm not sure who's who on the show. I've never actually watched it, besides bits and pieces. It's not as long as either but I'm making progress. I've been growing it for 3 weeks, they've probably been growing theirs for years. The day after Johnny went into the hospital, he had a 5:00 shadow. He's always clean shaven so you know me, I had to comment on it. He said one of our friends suggested he not shave while in the hospital. So Johnny, myself and a couple others aren't shaving. I won't be able to make it until he gets out because my GF asked me to please shave by the time we go on vacation in May, but this is by far the longest that it has ever been.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
You need to hang your scale from the ceiling....

Again with the slapping of yo mama? Watch out, this mama slaps back!!!! JK, I am really a wuss...

Going hard with the multi a boss... (phrases this mama hears from her child...)
I can't find a strong place to mount the scale. I think you really have the multi quotes down pat. Now you can honestly say that the "slap yo mama" comment is a compliment... it's a southern thing I guess.
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