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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Today I was up .2 from yesterday. Just one of those things. This just goes to show that sometimes the scale will do funny things. Either way, I know I was deficient and the loss will be there. Tomorrow's weigh in will be the end of week one and the beginning of week two. I know I will be down again in the morning and go way passed my 7 pound goal.

You need to hang your scale from the ceiling....

Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
This is not true. Come to my house, let e feed you 10 pounds of salty crawfish, and all the other gut bloating foods that I've been eating. It'll fall right off. I swear the first 5 pounds or more was merely water weight. From here on out is when it gets tough and the loss slows down.
It's starting to get harder now, last night I was pretty hungry so I ended up eating an apple. I've been waking up craving some of my old habits -> PB&J sammich, hot glazed donuts, warm honey buns, warm Grands cinnamon rolls, blasts, etc. Tori set me a pic of the made from scratch coconut pecan icing that goes with the monster sized German Chocolate Cake that she makes that will make you want to slap yo mama. I had to ask her to not send any more pics and amazingly enough, I think she's going to comply.
Again with the slapping of yo mama? Watch out, this mama slaps back!!!! JK, I am really a wuss...

Going hard with the multi a boss... (phrases this mama hears from her child...)
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