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1) 6 glasses water- at least for all days: y, y, y, y, y, y
2) plan meals- y, y, y, y, y, y
3) get close to plan-n, n, n, n, meh started but went so off... dinner with poke rbuddy and his finacee and then poker, heavy sigh. I ate nonstop for hours. Adn drank cognac (one small glass)
4) stretch - n, n, n, y, y n and no excuses 5) walk or gym - y, n, n, n,n
6) fight head cold-y,y,y,y,y n and I have to be careful7) write 3-4 days min.-n, n, n, journal type stuff th & fr, trying to get back in YES

(Evil) Plan
Homemade seafood salad on multigrain roll with lettuce
chicken soup with two wontons because they are there
corned beef and cabbage and potatoes
fruit salad
turkey bologna
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