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I had high hopes of catching up walking this weekend but it's been so cold........I just don't have the heart for it (wrapping up in all that winter gear). I think I am having a sick of winter episode. So my total k for this week was done Monday and Tuesday, 3.8.

The flooding episode we had was really bad, some people were evacuated, one school was closed. And yet there are still huge piles of snow!

Hubby has lost 21 lbs since he broke his leg, like I said, men, me I am lucky to lose 1 lb a week and I am feeding us both. His leg is healing great seems like. And he is driving some now. I am sure he will be ready for motorcycle season (whenever that comes).

Nobe you know your calories don't look that bad and you got walks in! I notice that some people for for a weekly deficit instead of a daily one, seems that there is more flexibility there for the unexpected things that come up.

I am looking forward to starting a new week tomorrow! Less crazy scheduling, maybe some me time in there. Again Darlene? Cassie you in? Nobe? Any other walkers? And just where is Mern and her daily updates?

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