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Originally Posted by anderson02 View Post
LOL!! I was using calorie books and a pad of paper until about a month ago. I have been a member of FitDay for years but found it cumbersome and didn't feel as in control before (I wanted to figure my Exact calories). Well I got a laptop so it's easy to take it to the kitchen to enter my foods and realized the calories in FitDay were pretty accurate; plus I got tired of calculations. I have really become a fan of the reports. It just makes this whole thing a bit more interesting to me. Another bonus is I can enter food at home and modify it at work. No more trying to remember how many calories I wrote down at home. Plus I can enter that office doughnut before eating it and usually decide it just isn't worth it.
Yes, I love entering foods I think I really want to eat (but don't need) so I can see the damage and then decide if I realllly want to eat them.
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