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Hi guys, just checking in.

I am still slammed at work; next week will be better. Well...better not jinx it. I have to do a presentation this afternoon at a conference and then I can start to get caught up and feel a little more put together before Monday comes.

So, that's why I've not been real active here. Food was great Mon-Wed; good to fair Thursday. Yesterday was so crazy I didn't have time for lunch and someone left me a bag of truffles . Yes, I had two. But only two, with ten others winking at me, so that is a marginal success.

The boy traveled to a team tourney this weekend so the hubs and I had a nice dinner out last night. I had salmon, which came with farro (never heard of it) cooked with apples and cranberries. Neither was a poor choice health-wise, but probably prepared with more calories than I would do at home; no way to know. Sadly, we did also have the lobster dip and flatbread BUT I watched the hubs put away chocolate-cinnamon bread pudding with a cherry-maple sauce and ice cream and didn't even have a taste. So I guess yesterday can be considered a mixed bag.

...and there is your food porn for the day . Our weather has turned indescribably beautiful and once I finish this conference I'm going for a nice, long walk. Hope you all have a lovely day!

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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