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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Okay, here's the deal. NOLA knew you were leaving her and put a little voodoo on you. The only way to get rid of the voodoo and get your mojo back is to come back. It is so beautiful here, I'm glad that you took the nasty weather back with you. Good luck tonight, you know what to do to win!.
NOLA misses you both. GF was saying she could almost hear the 2nd line come by calling y'all's name. (How many people do you think just went to google "2nd line"?)
I am ready to book my flight back!!! Look, Mike, I multi-quoted!!!

Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Hope - I also drink lots of hot tea and soup when I have a cold. I hope you've got yours licked. They've got okra chips on amazon. $12 (incl shipping) for 4 tiny bags (each bag is < 1oz). Not nearly as pricey as I'd thought they'd be online. If I can't find any locally, maybe I'll try these.
Soup and tea and rest: magic. I am feeling a lot better!
If you do, let me know how they are!!! Using you as a guinea pig? Ummmm, didn't mean to make it sound that way...
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