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Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA. I got sick the day before I left NOLA and have been fighting this evil head cold. I have been trying to drown it haha: water, soup, tea. It's been cold and gray in NY; the day we got back it was pouring. Today the sun is out and I don't quite feel like I just landed on this planet.

Hard to keep up with the posts so I will say:
Welcome back, Quinn!!!
Jezzie, sorry about your back.
Mern, great news from the doc: going every six months istead of 4. You got this!!!
Robin, terrible day, hope the days are getting better.
Mike, slow down. I still got almost 7 pounds to go and poker is tomorrow!!!
Hi to Casise and Nobe and all the motivated peoples!!! (and yeah hi to the unmotivated ones too.)

I miss NOLA but will be down in FL soon.

Plan for today:
sf cereal wtih almond milk
an orange
chicken soup
1/2 nitrite free turkey bolona on sf rye
roast chicken
roasted "turban" squash (it loks like a turban)
12-15 cocoa roast almonds
apple (with pb?)
leftover tiny pieces of salmon and swordfish
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