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Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Mike - 7 lbs a week! Man, that's a lot of working out.

Robin - A mere 10K! I would think you should be proud of the fact that you think of 10K a week as no big deal. Your saying that your son will put things in the oven if you give him precise instructions reminded me of the time I had a chicken in the refrigerator, seasoned and ready to pop in the oven. I left a note for my husband about what temperature to set the oven at and what time to put the chicken in. I neglected to write down to put it in the baking pan, so he put it in the oven on the dinner plate it was on (he did remove the plastic wrap first even though that wasn't in the instructions).

Hope, I always enjoy reading your list of foods for the day. I love okra and have never had dried okra. Where do you get it?

Last week, there was a discussion of kale chips. I bake mine. I got the recipe from Melissa d'Arabian on Food Network. You can google it - it's really simple though. Wash & thoroughly dry the kale. Remove the ribs. Tear into about 1.5 inch pieces. Sprinkle a little olive oil & salt on and toss. Bake about 20 min at 275. So yummy. I use popcorn salt (very fine, powdery salt) because it sticks better. I'm experimenting with the seasoning - trying adding things like cayenne, chili powder, or paprika to give a little kick.

Mern - that's great that you only have to see your doctor twice a year now. You seem to have mastered eating for blood sugar control - that was the most important thing. Now you can focus a bit more on weight loss.

Nobe - if you're doing all your exercise in the evening, could you break it up some? Maybe get up 15 min early and do 10 min of something before you go to work. Could you walk some during your lunch break? Even a little leisurely walking would be good if you're at a job where you sit.

I did lose weight last week. I have an evil scale. There must be something weird with the tile floor in our bathroom. Last week when I weighed myself, I turned the scale 180 degrees from the way I normally have it because I thought I'd get more light on the dial. Yesterday, I put the scale the way I normally do it and it read 156. Turned it 180 degrees and it was 158. Took it upstairs to a wood floor and it read 156 (I tried it in a couple of different places). So I'm going with 156.
Hey Carolynn, thanks for the kind words; I know I enjoy reading Mern's lists and get good ideas. I got the dried okra in the Fresh Market and in Rousses Supermarket in NOLA but now that I am home in NY no dried okra Took me a while to get used to the texture of fresh; I like it in gumbo.

Your kale chips sound great!!! Better than the bag I buy, I'm sure!!!

I agree about Robin: a "mere" 10 k is great in my book!!

I love the story about your DH; gotta love those guys tho my DH cooks better than I do and gives me instructions about roasting chicken (10 minutes regular oven, 20 convection, back to regular, etc. I always just stuck it in the oven at 350 what do I know?)

Scales are evil. See, Mike? Moving the scale to different spots does work!!!!

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