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Default Koeksuster

Hullo Carolynn

Changed the title of my posts. Koeksuster. It is sort of like a doughnut, but it is in the shape of a plate. The dough is about as thick as a finger, three strips plaited together, Pinched closed at the top and bottom, about as long as a hand. There is sugar in the dough. It is deep fried in oil and when golden brown taken out of the hot oil and dropped into a basin of syurp made of sugar, water and lemon juice. The bowl or basin is suspended in a bigger bowl willed with ice cubes to keep the syrup chilled. The koeksuster is left in the syrup for a few munites to soak up as much syrup as possible, taken out and sit in a deep tray were it continues to soak in its syrup. The out come is a crisp outside crunchy sweet layer of dough while the inside is just dripping with syrup soaked heaven!

These are sualy, or should I say, best made with eggs. They are devine if you have a sweet tooth. On the other hand, some one like me who is egg intolerant, can eat the ones made from ordanary bread dough made the same way. Not that I have had any for y ears and years.

Back to my diet. Yes, I got on the scales this morning. After bath.. naked as the day I was born... horrors... 92kg.
Today I started looking into the weight and food report log Not had much success in loging up food cos I cant realy find what I need. But I did update my weight to 92, having first put in 90 kg when I started.

About the white or yellow urine... it is only after drinking a cup of coffee that my urine is yellow, or first thing in the m orning. Usualy it is white... and I dont often get thirsty. Not done my water drinking today.. two cups coffee, and i liter water.. my bad.

On the other hand... a good point. Have got only one pkt of rice thins left, which will probably be finished by next week, then I dont buy any more. My best policy is if I dont have it I dont eat it.

When I was at the Mall early this week I went intothe book store... they did not have the south African calorie counter, so it looks like I am going to have to look for something on line.

Have spent far too many hours seated infront of the computer, catching wup with my emals, and sorting my photographic files. Stuff that must be done. Now it is time for me to do some painting.
We speak tomorrow. Wish you luck, as y ou would wish me luck.
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