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nobe - do you have a smartphone? There are pedometer apps that measure how far you've walked, steps taken, speed, etc.

robin - I don't think there's ever a quick trip to the hospital. I used to get frustrated taking my mother to the hospital. Every time they'd ask a bunch of questions and enter the data into the computer - or at least pretended to - because every time, we'd have to answer the same long list. Boy, when it rains, it pours - both figuratively and literally in your case. Hope things calm down for you.

Jezzie - it sound like your sugar spree might not put you too much over with your calories. I know one philosophy is that it's good to satisfy cravings by eating just a small amount of it. But I have some foods I just should never eat (at least until I develop more will power) because eating a bit always leads to eating more.
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