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Red face Newbie: Net Calories or Food Calories?

Hi everyone.

Nina here, brand new. Thanks in advance for reading!

So, I plugged in my goals and calcs, and have some q's I am hoping someone can help me with:

For example, it says to eat around 1800 cals to achieve my goal.


- Is that NET calories? Meaning, for example, if my goal is 1800 calories, and I eat 2000 calories, and I burn 200 through exercise, I arrive at NET 1800. Is this what the calculation means? Would I still reach my goal? Because in terms of food calories, it's still 200 above what is recommended. Hope this question isn't confusing anyone. I am basically asking if I I should subtract exercise from the food or just eat the recommended food calorie intake, and whatever exercise is done counts as a bonus.

- I have an office job where I am seated 9-5, and I walk to and from home, totaling about 20 minutes walking. In my profile, I had selected 'Mostly Seated with some movement', would this be accurate? The caloric maintenance number I got seemed kinda high.

Thanks in advance!!

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