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Hullo Carolnn and Chelegwa.

Thanks to both of you for your input. Makes me feel like I am not alone.

We are still experiencing such terrible heat. I go outside and do my garden watering and bits of digging and stuff while it is still cool. But by about 7 it starts to get hot already. So What I am saying is that I am still not getting on my walking machine, but have all great intentions of doing so when the weather cools down.

Not cut back on the cheese. Am a sucker for cheese, and have still got three slabs of it in my fridge. I eat a piece about the size o my index finger each evening with my two sticks of raw celery.

Was out and gone by 7 this morning, had porrige with skim milk and a banana for breakfast. Baught peaches for me and my teacher before art class, but also ate a packet of peanuts for my lunch. And have not been able to drink much water.

But... yay and hoo ray.. yesterday I managed to drink two whole litres of water and two cups of coffee!!! For me that is a big plus. Seeing as how I will be home all day tomorrow I aim todrink two liters again.

I discovered a great thing. I am able to drink a whole cup of water at one go, with no fuss, but not a glass of water. Must be psycological... but what ever works ... works so dont knock it.

Another thing is I prepare 2 x 1 liter bottls of tap water, add a small pick of baking power to make it alkaline, and drink that through the day.

Chele... well done with your boot camp. Wish you all the best. But you are soo young, you must get slim and enjoy life.

Now I am soo hot sitting her in front of the computer I am going to have a cold shower to cool down and get back to my art table.

Carolynnq, thank you for your support, just by keeping incontact. How you doing with the drink water?

Regards to both of you
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