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I borrowed hubby's pedometer today for my walk, but at the store got a new one for me (only $10 this time, not as much of an investment for clumsy me), but I didn't realize until I got it home that it hangs on a lanyard around your neck. Does anyone have experience with these? I set my stride and was walking around the house to test it and after about 50 steps it was showing up as closer to 10. I put it in my front pocket and that brought it up to about 25. In my back pocket it was almost accurate. But it just would not record anything hanging around my neck (and truth be told I don't want a big pink pedometer hanging around my neck anyway). Seems weird, though, that it's made to be hung but only works in my back pocket. Anyone know if maybe I'm just doing something wrong? Now, if I can just remember not to sit on it...

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