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Hi FatimaAl, I know how discouraging it can be. Your list of favorite foods sounds like what mine used to be.

I've pretty much eliminated white flour and sugar products and white rice. I've mostly eliminated potatoes. I don't know if it will be the same for you, but I find that after a while, the cravings for those items go away (or at least lessen).

Processed foods are often not healthy, and are frequently the most expensive. Around here, I can buy a roast chicken at the supermarket for $5-7 dollars. Take the skin off and you have meat for 6 or 7 dinners (1/2 breast, 1/2 breast, thigh, thigh, leg, leg, & the rest). Buy some lettuce and vegetables, some brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and a carton of eggs.

Congratulations on sticking with your exercise program for so long. That shows you have a lot of determination. Just use some of that determination on mastering portion control. You will have lapses - I had a regrettable encounter with potato chips a couple of weeks ago. But just go on. That event is then in the past, just move forward, but try to analyze what went wrong and how to make yourself stronger in the future.
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