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Smile Hi there! :)

Hey folks!

I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself. In the past I've received great support from communities like these so I'm looking forward to getting started!

So a bit of info, I used to have pretty severe eating disorders - anorexia and bulimia - which went on for about five years and got me into some serious trouble, health-wise. As of about two years ago I am fully recovered and a healthy weight, but I do still have some emotional issues around food and overeating which I want to try and address.

In the last two years I have graduated from both an undergraduate and a Master's degree, and been through a really bad relationship that did a number on my self-esteem. The stress of all three events has led me to get into bad habits with food - eating lots of junk and convenience food - and to stop exercising almost entirely (I used to run and lift weights and loved both). I'm working on my PhD now and really want to sort myself out before my workload increases! So I'm not looking to lose weight as such, just to get into healthier habits and to make peace with my body by feeding it properly However, I also need to be really careful not to take things too far thanks to my history.

Anyone else in a similar situation? Any other postgrad students/UK dwellers around here??

Liberdade x
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