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Hi Ladies,
I went to WW today and I lost 0.4lbs. Wowwwww! haha. yes. i'll mark that as a success since I'd be really upset if that was a gain, so I should be just as happy that it's a loss! right??

On Wed. nites I have a class where we meet to talk about our internships and the supposed perk is that they give us pizza and chocolate. For some reason this pizza always tastes like the best pizza ever invented. I try to only have 2 but last night I had 4. The toppings were really fantastic, lots of veggies and interesting ideas for making my own at home (that's the positive spin). Likely if I hadn't downed 4 slices I would have a more substantial loss.

But in all honesty I'm very happy with a loss of any kind and that I can share it with you guys! It's sometimes hard for me to contribute at WW meetings because most members are very overweight and so I feel guilty or something about my weight. So thank you ladies for being there to read my contributions

Molly Sue-- Of course you can join! Tuesdays are the day that everyone else weighs in.
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