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For me, I found that not allowing myself to get hungry in the first place was really helpful. Planning out what I am going to eat for the day and having lots of healthy stuff on hand (or in my car, or in my purse, you get the idea) so I could keep myself from getting too hungry was a good strategy. Binge food looks less attractive if you aren't hungry. To this day, I try not to keep food that I am likely to binge and then purge around. Out of sight, out of mind can be a good thing.

I also did a lot of personal work to figure out what my triggers were and what sort of stressors I had in my life that were making this seem like an attractive idea. I really did discover that it was an anxiety behaviour. I was using it to soothe myself when I wasn't feeling great. So lots of journaling and self-discovery. Also, maybe coming up with some alternate ways to calm yourself down, or other activities that you enjoy that you can plan to do instead.

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