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From my research, I would say that you should do walking/running/aerobic every day (or most days) to burn fat and also add in some other type of workout 3 days a week to tone.

I do a 20 minute every other day workout that includes some thigh, butt, ab, arm focus. Crunches, leg lifts, plank, plies,pushups, etc. I don't enjoy lifting. I give myself a rest day in between since I am using body weight to exercise muscles. I mix up the routine but try to target every area with each workout.

Another option is to space out body segments. Lower one day, upper the next. Because I don't overly enjoy it (and time is an issue) I try to just get an overall body workout in and rest the next day. Well, I rest from the body workout but I still get a walk/run in.
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